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Sweet Sugar All Natural Products was First created in my home because I got tired of using all those chemicals that are in the products that you purchase  at your near by neighborhood stores, so I decided to make my own natural skin and body products. I wanted to make some authentic natural products that are from the Earth that everyone could use every day. Therefore, you will be getting the highest quality ingredients in every natural personal care product item that you purchase.

Organic- We use all natural ingredients in our products and essential oils. Our products are made with pure plant-base ingredients that are really good for your skin, body and hair. I truly believe that everybody should be able to have access to good quality and affordable natural products.

Express Delivery- We provide fast delivery with every purchase. All products are made fresh and delivered right to your front door.

We have Bundle Sets+ Gift Sets+ Deals….. Spa Baskets for all Occasions for Men and Women Gift Boxes- Essential Soaps and Hair Products.


Sweet Sugar All Natural Products

Sweet Sugar All Natural Products are nontoxic free from any synthetic chemicals and certain parabens. Does not contain any articial ingredients or preservatives. All of our products are made with natural herbs, essential oils, and are 100% plant base meaning every product is organic.

Facial Cream
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